Episode 4: PTA

Episode 4: PTA



In Episode 4 we have the honor of sitting down with Danish hip hop encyclopedia, our good friend PTA. Peter Trier Aagard has been a hip hop journalist for over a decade, and has interviewed many of the biggest names in the culture, as well as hosting and emceeing several events here in Denmark. We had a conversation over a game of chess played on a limited edition boxed set of GZA’s Liquid Swords that also double’s as a chess board. Race, hip hop, politics, even this year’s Oscar’s – we got into all of it.

Follow PTA’s blog at http://www.ptas.dk/ and follow him on Twitter: @peterpta

Shout out to Run For Cover who are also starting their own podcast this week. Check them out at RunForCover.dk. (Danish)

Murkunst: http://murkunst.dk

Videos We talked about:

Common and John Legend perfrom “Glory” at the Oscars:

Josh Neer vs. Internet Troll: bleacherreport.com/articles/237549…-shows-no-mercy

Ghostface Fans vs. heckler:

Upcoming Events:
PTA hosts “Drawing Hip Hop” – Q and A with Ed Pisker, author of Hip Hop Family Tree, at Ideal Bar:

Hip Hop for Peace:

John Podesta – Obama advisor says “the truth is out there” about UFO’s:

9 year old accidently kills gun instructor with uzi:

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