Episode 3: Lars Pedersen

Episode 3: Lars Pedersen


On this week’s edition of the Mic Check Podcast, we sat down with graffiti artist, organizer and curator Lars Pedersen. Lars is the principal organizer of the Roskilde Festival Graffiti project. We talk about the ever changing and evolving trajectory of the urban art world, including the world’s first reality show dedicated to graffiti and street art. Graffiti writers and art lovers, take note!

Roskilde Festival Graffiti:
Hashtag #RFGRAFF

Follow Lars on Instagram: @LarsCopenhagen

Check out the first episode of Street Art Throwdown:


  1. I send you my playlist, I listen to almost every kind of music but I don’t like all songs in a genre in particular; I’m looking for some good rap BUT I was really disappointed by Joey Bada$$, (that you suggested to Lars Pedersen) not my taste… Something else to propose maybe? I’d love to read your opinion and try your suggestions. :-)

    Really nice interview by the way, thanks a lot!


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