Episode 14: Jeroen Smeets from The Jaunt

Episode 14: Jeroen Smeets from The Jaunt

We had a fantastic podcast with Jeroen Smeets from The Jaunt. Jeroen is a curator and art dealer from Amsterdam who is now based out of Copenhagen. Jeroen’s project The Jaunt is a unique concept in the art world – sending artists to a place the have never been before and getting them to create a piece of artwork based on that experience. To make it even more interesting, the trips are financed by presales of artwork – BEFORE the art is created! Jeroen is a brilliant curator and a clever proponent of contemporary urban art, and he shares a lot of his expertise in the episode. A must-hear episode for the art lovers!

Check out The Jaunt: thejaunt.net/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/thejaunt Instagram: instagram.com/thejaunt


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