A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

Above: Juse One introduces the first pilot episode of Mic Check at Gotham Gallery.


What ever happened to Mic Check?

What do you do when you’ve got a great idea that you begin to pursue, but fail to bring to fruition? What do you do when you’ve raised people’s expectations about a really interesting project, but fail to deliver that interesting project, drawing their ire and disappointment?  How do you make it up to folks who spent their time, energy, and nerves trying to help you reach a goal after you’ve dropped the ball and failed to make good on both your own and their commitments?

You apologize. You simplify. You start over and try again.

Two years ago, I convinced a group of friends to try something crazy: to produce an internet based television program about the urban scene in Denmark.  Thinking back, the idea that was supposed to become Mic Check actually doesn’t sound crazy described in one sentence, but the devil is in the details.  I had no experience producing a television show, let alone an internet show.  I was 2 months behind on my rent at Gotham Gallery, massively in debt at the bank, and with the impending doom of eviction looming over my head, rather than humbly throw in the towel, I doubled down on my bet and rolled the dice on a complicated, exciting, but ultimately unreachable idea.  We managed to tape 3 full episodes of Mic Check before I closed the doors at Gotham Gallery for good – but while everyone waited for the show to finally hit social media, I suffered in silence knowing the inevitable truth would manifest itself no matter what.  There would be no Mic Check.

For a number of reasons – call it depression, call it bad audio, call it missing segments and breaks in camera coverage (even the occasional power outage in the middle of taping) I failed to complete the production and post production on the footage.  Because I failed to deliver, the risk didn’t pay off, and rather than damaging myself alone in the gamble, I took all of my friends along for the disappointing ride.  For that, I am truly sorry.

Older, Wiser, and Ready to Rock

Here I am two years later.  Less bills, more humility, and ambitions that do not reach so far into unreachable territory.  I have been studying media for several years now, both at Hunter College in New York and the University of Copenhagen.  I have always wanted to create some form of original media production, whether tv or film, or even just a well written blog. The original idea for Mic Check – to do an urban talk show in Copenhagen – is still a good one.  Rather than jump into shooting a full fledged television production, a daunting task for anyone who lacks the experience and resources, it seems way more realistic to try out Mic Check as a podcast.  In the last 2 years I’ve come to grow quite fond of the podcast format as a medium for discussion, for documentation, for critical discourse and personal development.  I think, therefore I listen… and I imagine that I’m not the only person who thinks it would be interesting to have detailed discussions about art, culture, politics etc. through the lens of independent artists, musicians, professors, or even MMA fighters who all have some connection to the urban experience.  In the time that I’ve lived in Denmark, I have met so many talented and interesting folk, and I feel that it would be a shame to not try having some good conversations with them and sharing what comes out of those talks with the broader urban community.  So here I am… here we are, giving Mic Check a second go, in podcast format.

Once per week, Kriswontwo and I will bring in a new guest from our local scene here in Denmark, and eventually some guests from abroad as well,  and we will record a podcast episode. This is the start of something that we hope you as audience members will enjoy.  If you are interested in hip hop, graffiti, dance, theater, cultural events, political debate, urban issues, world news, and multimedia, this podcast is for you.  I hope that folks who have been disappointed about never getting the tv show they were promised can find it in their hearts to forgive us, and give us a second chance to entertain and uplift them with a down to earth, high quality podcast based in the urban genres.  Give us a listen.  if you like what you hear, keep listening and pass it on.  Please, support us on Facebook and Instagram, and keep listening to the show on Soundcloud.  Who knows where this idea will go from here… but I know we’re already off to a good start.

Check out the first episode of the brand new Mic Check Podcast here!

Peace, Love and Respect,

Juse One.

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